Cotton Controlling

WIS – Worldwide strength for your fiber!

As a world leader in the Cotton Inspection industry, WIS have established an international reputation for reliability. When WIS is appointed for your pre-shipment and post landed controlling, be assured, your interests are in good hands. WIS provides internationally recognised reports through its global network of companies and correspondents in a timely and accurate manner.

Our Key services

· Supervision of Weighing
· Supervision of Sampling
· Actual drawing of samples
· Actual weighing
· Truck/Container loading and sealing
· Container seal breaking / devanning and tally
· Tagging
· Stock Verification
· Damage surveys
· Pre-shipment inspection
· Manual classing and Micronaire
· HVI Testing
· Surveying / audit of warehouses

In the 1990’s WIS established companies in each Central Asian Republic & is further grading cotton on behalf of some Republics as well as on behalf of international & local merchants. In addition to the classification of cotton, WIS established inspection centers in the CIS in order to offer clients access to a wider range of services. Additional offices followed in South America, East & West Africa. Also, with the expansion of the Chinese market, WIS (Shanghai) Ltd. was established in order to meet potential requirements of clients.

Please contact for your requirements on both manual and HVI classification.

The Cotton Industry is a dynamic and constantly changing industry. WIS prides itself on adapting to the vibrant industry in order that we can champion your needs at any location, at any Time.

Wakefield Inspection Services are proud members of the following Associations:

American Cotton Shippers Association
Atlantic Cotton Shippers Association
Gdynia Cotton Association
International Cotton Association
Southern Cotton Shippers Association
Texas Cotton Shippers Association
Western Cotton Shippers Association