Traceability and Sustainability

As we navigate through a world that increasingly values transparency and sustainability, traceability stands out as a vital aspect in ensuring the integrity of the cotton supply chain. Traceability in cotton production ensures that the end product meets the highest quality standards and is becoming a requirement by consumers, governements and large brands in order to show that they are aware of the journey fibres have taken. By tracking the journey of cotton from farm to fabric, we can identify and address any issues that may affect the quality of the final product. This not only safeguards the reputation of the industry but also instills confidence in consumers.

WIS are assisting in the traceability world by having a strong and dedicated team who are able to complete third party verification audits. Due to WIS’ worldwide presence, audits can be carried out in areas where cotton is loaded and unloaded, and follow the trail both in terms of physically and documentation in various mills and supplier categories.

WIS have a great deal of knowledge of all aspects and stages of where cotton is grown, and how and where it is then moved throughout a supply chain. With WIS’ great relationship and knowledge of each area of the supply chain, this allows for good communication with all supplier categories.

All WIS inspectors have experience and training in interviews/discussions with all workers involved in the supply chain from farmers to merchants, to brands, as well as highly observant skills to ensure that practices are carried out safely, and as per the client requirements and stated documentation. Inspectors are equipped and have skills in taking relevant notes, and required objective evidence that may need to be obtained. This includes but is not limited to, origin, type of cotton, bale numbers, package marking, container numbers, photographs, documentation and videos.

All third party verification audits are overseen by a dedicated Sustainability and Compliance Manager.

WIS are proud to be working with companies such as Better Cotton, Cotton Council International USA, CmiA – Cotton Made in Africa, and CCI Cotton – Cotton Corporation of India in completing third party verification audits.

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